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This book was magnificent! The characters’ relationships with each other shifted and evolved as they each became more aware of themselves and their circumstances. Dunlap vividly creates the angst and despair, the passion and determination, and also the resignation of the characters as they accept their fate. The dedication that Azemar and Azalais develop towards each other and to saving a way of life is both beautiful and haunting in its depth. 

Kate Clifford Eminhizer


Susanne Dunlap delivers an atmospheric, adventurous, engaging, and well-written read here with compelling and illustrious characters, it is a stunning storyline that unfolds perfectly. Richly detailed, the book is gripping… An enjoyable historical fiction that is brisk and unique, immensely entertaining, with well fleshed out characters. Dunlap is a gifted author, her narration is superb and brilliant. The plot line is complex and it grabbed me and I was completely immersed. Beautifully written, rich in historic detail, perfect for anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction.

Gwendalyn Books


Epic adventure must read! I loved this book and found it to be an epic story about strong and amazing women characters that I loved reading about. I loved that the characters though fictional were set in real historical events in a very dark period in French History.


Thirteenth-century Languedoc...

…torn apart by decades of crusades against the Cathar heretics, braces for the final stand of the Catholic Church against the Good Men and Good Women at the remote fortress of Montsegur. Azemar and Azalais, now fugitives after their daring escape from the castel de Belascon, must try to reach the fortress—and fulfill their destiny—before it’s too late.

The captivating trobairitz

Jordane de la Moux d’Aniort and her damozel Johana have escaped with them at the last minute, putting them all in grave peril. Will Jordane’s conflicting desire to reunite with the rebel Raimon de Berenger thwart Azemar and Azalais’s quest?

A cryptic note...

… leads Azemar to the Templar stronghold at Mas Deu, where he undergoes brutal trials—only to discover that his ultimate purpose could lead him to destroy the very culture and religion he wants to preserve.

Praise for Listen to the Wind, Book 1 of The Orphans of Tolosa Trilogy

“Dunlap breathes life into the distant 13th-century setting… Poetry and music are as essential to the plot as warfare, with engaging glimpses of trobairitz (female troubadours). . . . A complex, absorbing, and dramatic start to a planned series. 

– Kirkus Reviews

“In its mix of page-turning thriller with well researched historical novel, it draws comparison to the finely crafted work of Kate Mosse and Ariana Franklin. 

– Nancy Bilyeau, author of
The Blue
and the Joanna Stafford trilogy

“Listen to the Wind” is in its own league. Completely imaginative, mature and playful all at once, this book doesn’t compete with any other novel for its spot on the bookshelf, as it will outshine many and sit comfortably among the classics.

– The BookLife Prize